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    Welcome to Sariska Hospitality online safari booking services. Sariska online safari booking can be done by using online service provided here. Sariska is a tiger reserve and National Park and its administration, governance and control is with the state forest department, Rajasthan. Gypsy and canter safari also administered by forest officials. There are three zones or route in Sariska core area and two gates to start your safari Gate No. 1 Sariska Sadar Gate and Gate No.2 Tehla Gate.

    Always keep in mind that selection of safari vehicle, drivers and nature guides is not in our hands. There is a roster system and decided by computerized method. However for extended experiential wildlife safari we have handpicked naturalists available on payment of additional professional charges not included in price listed here. fifteen Gypsy of six sitting capacity and fifteen canters of twenty sitting capacity are allowed in the jungle in one shift from Sariska Sadar Gate.

    Sariska Sadar Gate is the most famous as it resides on the state highway going towards Jaipur and also area of Most sighted tiger of 2023 ST 9, ST 21, ST 15 resides here and some times even visible on the state highway itself. Apart from that this gate is having close connectivity from Alwar city Bala Quila Buffer Zone safari and also ideal for travellers travelling on a day trip.


    Jeep Safari Booking (Maximum 6 Persons are allowed in one Jeep)

    Price (Indian)INR. 1600 per passenger / 8500 Full Gypsy
    Price (Foreigner)INR. 2500 per passenger / 14000 Full Gypsy
    ZonesZone no.1 / Zone no.2 / Zone no.3
    TimingsMorning 06:30 AM – 10:00 AM | Evening 02:30 PM – 06:00 PM (Safari Timing Varies as Season Changes)

    Canter Safari Booking (Maximum 20 persons are allowed in one Canter)

    Sariska Safari Timings

    Bala Quila Buffer Zone Safari (Maximum 6 Persons are allowed in one Jeep)

    Bara Liwari Buffer Zone Safari (Maximum 6 Persons are allowed in one Jeep)

    Sariska Safari Booking

    The Sariska tiger reserve online safari booking is done on a first-come, first-served basis and you must have to pay the full fee in advance for the Sariska Tiger Reserve safari booking.

    The vehicle is allotted on the day of the Sariska Forest safari and the fee for a confirmed seat in a Jeep or Canter is non-refundable and non-transferable.   

                        Indian                                   Foreigner                                                                 Morning                                   Evening                   Core Zone 1                                   Core Zone 2                                   Core Zone 3                                   Buffer Zone- Bala Quila                                   Buffer Zone- Bara Liwari                                                                  Gypsy                                   Canter                               

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    Five gypsies are available at Tehla gate of entry. Tehla gate is ideal for long stay wildlife enthusiasts as there are plenty of wildlife resorts which offer you rustic stay and excellent bird watching and hiking in the villages tour available with us apart from safari.

    Safari booking is confirmed on availability and after full amount received via online mode given by us. We request for payment only when gypsy and canters are available for a particular shift.

    Booking is to be done at least one day in advance and if you are planning to book on the current day then additional Tatkal charges are required to pay depending on availability of vehicle. Additional charges are not included in price listed on our site. Safari once booked if cancelled is non-refundable and non-transferable.

    How many entry gates are there in Sariska?

    There are three entry gates in Sariska

    Gate # 1 Sariska gate

    Gate # 2 Tehla gate

    Bala Quila Gate (starting point of Bala Quila leopard Safari and Bara Liwari zoneSafari)

    Four simplicity we take gate number one Sariska Sadar gate as a base further we will be calling it as gate number 1 or Sariska gate Nearest city is Alwar 35 km and nearest town is thanagaji 8 km from Sariska Gate

    What is the distance between the gate and what is the distance from resorts?

    Resorts and distance from Sariska Gate

    Sterling Sariska, Sariska Safari lodge, The Sariska retreat-15-20 mins.
    Shivir Aranya,Tree and tigers, Gulmohar Resort, Virat Resort-35mins

    Resorts and distance from Tehla Gate

    Utsav Camp, Little Affair, The Chalet, Astroport, Alampat Nest, Vanaashrya-10-20 mins.

    Resorts and distance from Bala Quila Gate

    Dadhikar Fort, Lemon Tree, Red Fox-15 mins
    Ram Bihari Palace, Desi Thath, Alwar Vanyaevilas, Alwar Bag, Hill Fort Kesroli-30-35mins
    Tijara Fort, Neemrana Fort-2 hour

    What is the Tiger Sighting probability at a particular gate?

    Tiger Sighting probability:

    Sariska Gate : ST7, ST9, ST15, ST21.

    Tehla Gate : ST7, ST9, ST15, ST21, ST23

    Bara Liwari Zone : ST18, ST19 and 2 cubs of them.

    Distance between gate:

    • Sariska Gate and Tehla Gate = 70 KMs
    • Sariska Gate and Bala Quila Gate = 35 KMs
    • Tehla Gate and Bala Quila Gate = 65 KMs


    Step1. Please fill booking form available on this page

    Step2. As per availability check our representative will reach you through Email/What’s app/Phone call

    Step3. If Safari for a particular shift is available then please make payment, ‘we receive payment only on company account with name SARISKA Hospitality’

    Step4. After confirmation of payment receipt we will book Safari and will share with you tickets and invoice

    Step5. One day before your Safari date we will share our coordinator contacts for Safari releasing.

    Please Read all points before booking Sariska online Safari :
    • Full payment in advance is requested.
    • ID proof like Aadhar card, Pan card etc for Indian nationals and passport is required for non-Indian nationals.
    • There is no concession in safari charges for Embassy diplomats, counsellors per the rational of officials price is defined Indian and non-Indian.
    • No refund or cancellation on confirmed bookings.
    • No exchange or transfer of confirmed ride.
    • Bring your same ID card along that was given for online booking.
    • Confirm your accommodation earlier as Sariska Sadar gate and Tehla gate are 65 KMs away from each other.
    • Provide full information when travelling with infants and children as children requiring seat to sit are considered separate passenger and full price is chargeable.
    • However your safari is confirmed by us but reach on scheduled time for safari at the designated gate.
    • Park could be closed without any prior notice for visitor.
    • If safari price is revised by government then difference is to be paid by visitors.
    • Ideally we prefer to book full gypsy however if you are booking on per person basis then if all six seats are not booked then in such a situation of incomplete occupancy visitors will be liable to pay the difference at the time of start of safari.
    • Weekend safari is always advisable to plan with us well in advance.
    • Safari duration is three hours.
    • Our offer of Sariska Online Safari Booking covers government fees, permit, nature guide, vehicle and driver, apart from that our service charges, ground handling charges are included but doesn’t cover any same day booking extra charge or Extended Experiential safari with our field expert naturalist.
    • Extended Experiential Safari is only booked as a package of three back to back safaris in multiple days.
    • We are most trusted and believe in service with ethics and transparency and we understood emergency situations but once safari is booked amount is gone from our pocket too.
    • If during the safari or at the time of entering into the park if someone come across with mis information or false claim of confirm tiger sighting, they are all touts trying to break the process of comfortable safari.
    • For safari charges we believe you have done your research well in advance and making your plan to book with oldest safari and outdoor activity organizer for a reason!